Trip Report: Canadian Rockies

Having made several hurried drives through British Columbia over the years, our goal for this trip was to cover fewer miles and see more.  We also wanted to avoid the popular parks, and we wanted to drive as many gravel roads as were feasible.  The 10-day trip included some camping, hiking, and kayaking, as well as a couple of nights at a cozy bed and breakfast.  It was fantastic to just go where the map atlas led us.  We visited some great little towns and made some new friends along the way.  I also didn’t stress about taking gigabytes of photos.  The lazy summer pace got the best of me, so not everything was documented.  But here are a few favorites…


One hike in particular found us high in Glacier National Park, desperately trying to reach one of the remaining frozen icons of the Rocky Mountains.  Despite miles of hiking, we only caught a glimpse.  It takes more and more effort to touch a glacier these days.  It’s either climb higher or drive further north.  On this trip we could do neither – but just being in the high mountain valleys that hold these relics of the last ice age was enough for us.

14. August 2012 by Bryan
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