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22. August 2013 by Bryan
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Going Green

Following an exceptionally wet Spring, the Paradise Valley is looking greener than ever.  Contrast the lush green against the burned area of last summer’s Pine Creek Fire, and the landscape takes on a striking mix of colors and textures.  The … Continue reading

16. June 2013 by Bryan
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Lonesome Hills

An evening flight along the western front of the Absaroka Range.  Taking advantage of calm evening air, we flew up to about 11,000 feet to visit the tops of the highest peaks.  We were treated to views of massive cornices, … Continue reading

17. April 2013 by Bryan
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Trip Report: Silver Gate, Montana

“Although the scenery is so rugged and grand, yet an air of desolation reigns over the whole. Perpetual snow is seen everywhere, and the somber nakedness of the volcanic peaks adds to the gloom, but toward evening the setting sun … Continue reading

17. February 2013 by Bryan
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Project: Parks and Trails Maps

It’s not very often that I get to work on a project that is as collaborative, technically challenging, and high-visibility as this one.  In 2011 I started working with the Gallatin Valley Land Trust in Bozeman to revamp their pocket-sized … Continue reading

22. December 2012 by Bryan
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Up In the Air

It’s tough to beat the perspective offered by a plane.   The earliest mapmakers could only dream of wondrous machines that might lift them above the earth, giving them a perspective of the landscape that only birds knew.  These days, … Continue reading

24. November 2012 by Bryan
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